Blog Star- Using excellent cooperative values

Chloe Higman

My Murder/mystery report


How did you go about it?

The family were called Girard, there were five members in the family. There were two adults, two boys and one girl.

At first I thought this task was going to be hard, but when we started to do it got easier to do and understand.

What information did you have?

To help us solve the mystery, we had the menu from the restaurant and information from all the family on what they like and what they don’t like. We had two small bits of paper for notes to go on. One big bit of paper for our final ideas, and we finally had two French dictionaries to use to look up words.

What skills did you use to solve the mystery?

The skills I used:

  • Reading
  • Process of elimination
  • Co-operation/ working together  
  • What were the group jobs?
  • And lots more.
  1. Had to use the dictionary to look up words.
  2. Had to write down notes about the family so what they liked and what they didn’t like.
  3. Had to write out your final plan on the big bit of paper.
  4. (If you have 4 in a group)Had to look up other words in another dictionary.



What did you like best about the activity?


In this activity I liked working out what made the mystery and co-operating/ working with other people.

Also doing something different.


By Chloe Higman



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